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Inspection Equipment

Breathing Resistance Testing Machine

  • PF2005 Breathing Resistance Testing Machine Specialty PF2005 Breathing Resistance Testing Machine Specialty

    Adopt aluminum alloy structure, strong and not easy to rust


    PLC programming control is more efficient and reliable


    High sensor sensitivity to ensure high-precision measurement


    Large-capacity data storage, real-time storage of detection data


    High-definition LCD screen


    The latest national standard requirements, compatible with a variety of mask detection


     Automatic protection for fault detection


    High degree of automation, easy operation and high safety


  • Specification

    Equipment Parameters and Configuration Requirements

     1. The range of the micro-pressure gauge sensor is continuously adjustable outside the zero point, the damping is adjustable, there is no mechanical movable part, and the maintenance workload is small. The micro-pressure measuring range is -1000Pa1000Pa, and the accuracy is 1Pa;

    2. The suction volume of the suction pump is not less than 40L/min~100L/min;

    3. The ventilation volume is constant at (85±1) L/min;

    4. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz.

     Main Structure of Equipment

    1. Please do not carry from the bottom of the control box to avoid being crushed;

    2. Wipe the electroplated parts with engine oil to prevent rust and keep it bright;

    3. After the test, please wipe the machine clean, and regularly lubricate the movable fulcrums to increase its service life and sensitivity (The lubricating oil is mixed with butter and a little engine oil);

    4. Wipe the panel (control box or display) with a dry cloth to prevent water from damaging the IC electronic parts;

    5. Please place all fixtures and fittings, wipe the anti-rust oil to prevent rust;

    6. After the machine is moved and placed, the foundation and level must be fixed steadily and stable.

    7. Please input power according to the label. (Note that the phase of the input power supply must be correct, otherwise leakage will occur);

    8. Please carry out the grounding output according to the specification in order to avoid the risk of leakage and signal interference;

    9. Do not pull out the plug during work;

    10. Please be operated and maintained by professionals. In case of major problemsplease inform the company's maintenance department to dispatch personnel to deal with. Do not disassemble parts privately to avoid major losses;

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