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3D Printing Materials

Magna W120

Material Overview

Magna W120 suitable for a wide range of applications, including light fittings and in the internals of cars. Its strong resistance to corrosion also make it ideal for orthodontics. Aside from these strengths, it also provides a smooth and attractive finish and requires only a minimum of post-processing, speeding up the manufacturing process.



Resistant to heat
Excellent detail resolution
Easy to process and finish


Wind tunnel testing
Temperature testing
Casings for electronics
Light fittings


Liquid Properties

Measurement Condition Value
Viscosity @ 28 °C (82.4 °F) 430~530 cps
Color White
Density @ 25 °C (77 °F) 1.13 g/cm³

Optical Properties

Ec(critical exposure) Dp(slop of cure-depth vs.ln(E) curve)
7.5 mJ/cm2 0.152 mm

Mechanical Properties (90 Minutes UV Postcure)

ASTM Method Property Description Value
ASTM D 638 Tensile Modulus 2840-3112 MPa
ASTM D 638 Tensile Strength at Break 58-66 MPa
ASTM D 638 Elongation at Break 4-8%
ASTM D 648 @66PSI Heat Deflection Tempertature 75-91 ℃/184-266 ℃ⱡ
ASTM D 790 Flexural Strength 60-80 Mpa
ASTM D 790 Flexural Modulus 2678-3188 Mpa
ASTM D 256 Izod Impact (Notched) 22~32 J/m
ASTM D 2240 Hardness Shore D 86-90

ⱡ After 2 hour 160C thermal Postcure (note- applies to Magna 120)


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Magna W120
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