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Exhibitions & Events

TCT Asia is the most influential 3D technology exhibition in Asian market. TCT ASIA 2019 will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from February 21 to 23. ProtoFab, as a leader in domestic technology and concept, focuses on the innovation and breakthrough of additive manufacturing technology. ProtoFab is always refreshing when it comes to an exhibition. For this exhibition, ProtoFab will bring the latest products and technologies of brand patents to the booth K30  of W5 Pavilion. In this exhibition, ProtoFab will show customers around the world a number of innovative technologies and a comprehensive interpretation of the industrialization of 3D printing! Vistar always looks forward your coming!

Point of View One: New product release - technological innovation and mature product lines
Since its establishment, Vistar has continuously innovated in 3D printing technology, and has launched dozens of light-cured SLA3D printing and forming equipment, which has been widely praised by the industry. But ProtoFab's road to innovation never stops. In this exhibition, ProtoFab will continue to develop a new high-efficiency intelligent 3D printer, which covers SLA, SLS, SLM and DLP.
Blockbusting New Product Release:
  • Three-mirror three-laser, which uses large size to interpret large energy-SLA1600, has a maximum forming size of 1600 x 750 x 550 mm. It realizes the integral forming of large-scale automobile parts;

  • It has the world's first DLC variable laser power printing technology and breakthrough productivity - SLA600 DLC, with intelligent, accurate, efficient and other characteristics;

  • It can provide personalized customization: customers can customize the appearance of the fuselage and color material - SLA600 E, which can turn customer requirements into reality;

  • SLA600 D, a special 3D printer for dentistry, overturns the traditional dental technology and process, which can provide patients with a more comfortable and rapid treatment experience;

  • SLM and DLP will also be shown at TCT for the first time;

Point of View Two: Four Global Initiative Technologies: Subversive Innovation and Leading the Trend
3D Printing Innovation: ProtoFab will present four global innovations. The efficiency, productivity and quality of our products will refresh the record of the existing similar technology, which is very worth looking forward to!

Point of View Three: ProtoFab will exhibit the latest high-performance 3D printing materials
Innovations and breakthroughs in the field of printing materials: In terms of safety, economy and practicability, the properties of SLA resin developed by ProtoFab are generally superior to those of similar products available on the market. In addition, it has excellent physical properties in hardness, tensile strength, bending strength and thermal deformation, and has high practicability and stability. Most importantly, as many as 30 + high-performance materials with different characteristics can fully meet customer needs.

Point of View Four: Comprehensive Solution of 3D Printing and Integration in the Whole Industry Chain

We will do our best to provide customers with all-round, high-quality 3D printing application solutions.
We will demonstrate and explain the layout of Daqian industrial chain and the application solutions of 3D printing in various sub-fields, including automobile manufacturing, medical, dental, footwear, art, fashion, electronics and other industries.
We are at booth K30 in W5 Pavilion.
Looking forward to your coming!
Scanning the QR Code below, you can complete the booking registration free of charge and free of 50 yuan ticket fee.