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SLA 3D Printer

ProtoFab SLA1600 Large 3D Printer - Godzilla

  • Supersize Supersize

    2000 mm X750 mm X 600 mm super large print format, auto parts once forming, save assembly time, meet the customization needs of large prototypes in the automotive, aerospace and other industries.
  • Amazing Printing Speed Amazing Printing Speed

    Self-developed intelligent variable spot technology, free switching variable spot mode, three lasers, three scanlab work at the same time, high-speed scanning, printing efficiency increased by 100%, maximize the efficiency of new product development.
  • Superior stability Superior stability

    Z axis, R axis and scraper module all use high-precision marble substrates, which further ensures the long-term stable operation of the equipment, improve the printing stability, make the material utilization rate higher, and significantly reduce the production cost of the model.
  • High degree of automation High degree of automation

    The world's original Linux control software, automatic setting of process parameters, three intelligent printing mode selection, simple operation process, highly automated forming process, human-computer interaction experience and system security are greatly improved.
  • Personalized customization Personalized customization

    We not only offer a variety of optional free customization, but also provide a number of modular upgrades, including automatic double door, automatic feeding, automatic environmental sensing, remote monitoring, etc., to meet the needs of industry 4.0 personalized customization.


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