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3D printing and rapid prototyping offer the automotive industry benefits that cannot easily be overlooked. Nowadays, all the top car manufacturers integrate 3D printing at the heart of their production strategies. The on-demand nature of 3D printing, its tiny lead times, and the inherent customizability of the technology allows auto manufacturers the ability to get the latest designs to market quicker than ever before, and opens up the potential of mass customization. The "one size fits all" nature of traditional production techniques is being threatened, and at ProtoFab we are proud to be bringing in a more customizable era of manufacturing.


3D printing and rapid prototyping allow bold new ideas to be tested without having to take financial risks, and allows small manufacturers to produce custom parts for niche models in a way that was never feasible in the past. Additive manufacturing is a massive boost for automobile manufacturers and will likely take the industry in exciting new directions. Our on-demand 3D printing and CNC machining services are popular with automotive clients, as is our premium SLA600 3D printer.