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Case Studies

3D printed Personalized bike seat by ProtoFab(Vistar)

For regular cyclists, one of the most important parts is the bike seat. It must have comfort, so that the bike can play a greater riding performance. Based on the knowledge of human mechanics, Vistar’s designers designed a concept bike seat that is extremely comfortable, and 3D printed it into reality.

The "Floating" seat design is very novel, it has a honeycomb hollow out sit face impending type spring shock structure, function and appearance of innovation in the form of organic integration, has the sense of humanized design in the future. The sitting surface is honeycomb hollowed out structure, no water, can keep relatively dry after raining. Honeycomb structure has good air permeability, which can effectively improve the comfort of riding.

Model Name: Bike seat
Material made: photosensitive resin
Production technology: SLA 3D printing + post-processing
Printer type: SLA600
Manufacturer: Vistar 3D printing
Lead time: 2 days
Application scenario: appearance review, design verification

3d printing bike seat
3d printing bike seat 01

3d printing bike seat
3d printing bike seat 02

3d printing bike seat
3d printing bike seat 03

The core technology of this bicycle seat is 3D printing honeycomb structure. With the advantage of 3D printing technology to quickly manufacture complex structure, we directly printed and formed in one piece through Vistar high-speed intelligent SLA 3D printer after the designer completed the 3D modeling. The printing speed is fast, the molding precision is high, the surface effect is good, and the surface is smooth after the post-processing Degree greatly improved, excellent texture, while saving costs, provide better design flexibility and product quality, to meet the needs of small batch prototype manufacturing.

Compared with traditional manufacturing processes, 3D printing offers more options for efficient and flexible production of bicycle parts with innovative technologies and a wide range of material combinations. At present, many bicycle research and development enterprises have introduced 3D printing technology, combining design aesthetics with digital manufacturing, successfully realizing the transformation of production mode, solving the problem of low efficiency of original prototype production, and creating more high-tech bicycles.