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Modern Dental 3d Solutions

Additive manufacturing in dentistry is particularly interesting as the benefits can be appreciated very directly by the end user. Traditionally, patients needing braces, a night guard, or a crown needed to have an unpleasant mold stuffed into their mouth which then had to be sent away. As costs were so high, often the parts were produced overseas and the final product wouldn't be ready for weeks, by which time any dental condition could have worsened. Now, all that's need is a quick scan of the mouth and dental inserts can be printed on the spot, in some cases in less than an hour.

Dentistry can be expensive, both for patients and for providers, so the ability to cheaply produce dental parts on-site has the potential to revolutionize the industry. Our most compact 3D printer, the SLA300, is best suited to the requirements of dental practices. Find out more here:

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