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Case Studies

3D printed Sanxingdui mask, bringing cultural relics“back to life”

sanxingdu mask finished product

Product Name: Sanxingdui Mask
Process: SLA rapid prototyping + final-processing
Printing material: white colour photosensitive resin
Purpose: cultural relics restoration, cultural relics reproduction, cultural relics dissemination gift customization
Service Provider: ProtoFab 3D Printing
Printer type: SLA 600 DLC
Production cycle: 1 day

Project Background

The technology of 3D printing, reverse engineering modeling, and rapid prototyping manufacturing assist in the restoration of ancient cultural relics, solving the problems from the restoration of large-scale cultural relics and fine details and helping reshape many ancient cultural relics. In fact, 3D printing technology has long been used in the protection of cultural relics. The restoration of Xinjiang's Qiuci Grottoes, the terracotta warriors, the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria, Buddha statues and the Sanxingdui cultural relics extraction are some of the typical cases. As the world's leading technology provider of integrated 3D printing solutions for the entire industry chain, Vistar has launched a set of 3D printed cultural relics application solutions to provide assistance for cultural relics protection.

Production process

1. Scan cultural relics by 3D technology to obtain accurate and high-precision three-dimensional data;
3d modeling sanxingdui mask

3d modeling sanxingdui mask

2. Export STL format data through 3D software modeling;
export 3d modeling

3. Import the file into Magics software for slicing;
sanxingdui mask slicing

The high-speed intelligent SLA printer developed by Vistar creates integrated whole shape model in a short time. It can create a high-precision resin material bronze mask with details of the big eyes, the wide mouth, the raised eyebrows, the high nose, the long corners of the eyes, as well as the ear holes in only a few hours. Compared with regular masks, the 3D printed mask is lighter and more breathable. Also, it has better sound transmission, and can be customized in different sizes according to requirements.

sanxingdui 3d printing model

the printed white mold
The printed white mold effect, the detail reduction degree is super high

4. After the printing is completed, perform fine post-processing such as sanding, spray paint and coloring. We have more than 20 years of post-processing experience and can provide various process options.
sanxingdui masksanding

sanxingdu mask spray paint

5. Finally get the exquisite, finished product
sanxingdu mask finished product
sanxingdu mask finished product

Case appreciation:

3d printed buildings sanxingdu
Rebuild the model according to the data for 3D printing

3d printed buildings sanxingdu
The physical effect of 3D printing

3d printed buildings sanxingdu
Rebuild the model according to the data for 3D printing

3d printed buildings sanxingdu
The physical effect of 3D printing

3d printed a 2.4m buddha statue in one piece sanxindui
Protofab 3D printed a 2.4m Buddha statue in one piece

3d printed cultural relic model sanxingdui
Protofab 3D printed 12 zodiac animal head simulation cultural relic model

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