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Industrial SLA 3D Printer

Stereolithography, also known as SLA for short,is an additive manufacturing process, it is the veteran of 3D printing technologies. It is one of the most widely-used rapid prototyping technologies for plastic models.Vistar(ProtoFab) Dynamic Laser Control Industrial SLA 3D Printer has a very high cost performance. It has the characteristics of fast printing speed, high printing accuracy, high surface finish and high printing success rate. If you are interested in  dynamic laser control  SLA 3D printer, please contact us for quotation.

ProtoFab SLA100 DLC

3D printer SLA100 Compact & Economical: Ideal for printing prototypes in the medical, dental, toy, and jewelry industries, and for small-size models used by scientific research institutions.

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ProtoFab SLA200 DLC

Made of high-quality welded square tubes and 304 stainless steel for optimal stability to ensure precision and durability.

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ProtoFab SLA300 DLC

3D printer Precise & Compact: The perfect choice for environments with limited workspace. Accuracy and surface roughness tolerances can outperform injection-molding and even compete with CNC.

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ProtoFab SLA350S DLC

350mm x 250mm x 350mm print space for maximum productivity and flexibility.Using the world's first DLS dynamic laser power control scheme, the printing efficiency is greatly improved, and the speed is 4-6 times faster than similar light curing equipment.

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ProtoFab SLA450 DLC

Fabricates small and medium-sized parts up to 450 x 450 x 300 mm respectively with 0.05 mm accuracy, the highest among our printers, and with surface roughness as low as 0.05 μm.

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ProtoFab SLA600A DLC

Our international best-seller has a maximum build size of 600 x 600 x 400 mm. The SLA600 can satisfy most industrial design and prototyping needs with the lowest per unit cost.

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ProtoFab SLA800 DLC

Superior components and fine workmanship make the SLA800 an indispensable workhorse. Fabricates functional and challenging prototypes up to 800*600*400 in size, eliminating the need for connection links.

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ProtoFab SLA1100 DLC

We value your time; equipped with two lasers and two scanning mirrors to give you double the efficiency of conventional printers, greatly reducing processing time and costs and enabling customized production of very large prototype models.

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ProtoFab SLA600B DLC

The important components (laser controller, imported service system) are selected from well-known brands all over the world, effectively supporting and ensuring the high reliability for the overall operation of the equipment.

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ProtoFab SLA600D DLC

The forming surface's dimension is large (600mm x 600mm x 150mm), which could print more than one hundred dental molds at a time. 

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ProtoFab SLA600E DLC

The appearance,color and materia can be custom madel. At the same time, it can also choose the modular upgrade of variable spot intelligent scanning system, automatic door opening, automatic feeding, automatic environmental sensing, remote control and so

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ProtoFab SLA1600 DLC

A new generation of mesh plate fixing technology, with automatic switch door to support full automatic production line. 

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ProtoFab SLA2000 DLC

2000 mm X800 mm X 800 mm super large print format, auto parts once forming, save assembly time, meet the customization needs of large prototypes in the automotive, aerospace and other industries.

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ProtoFab SLA2400 DLC

With 2400mmx800mmx800mm large printing build size, it can realize large-scale prototype printing in an integrated manner, efficiently avoiding the product error caused by splicing, and meeting the urgent need for large-scale prototype samples in the rapid prototyping field such as automobile design and aerospace. Equipped with high-end optoelectronic devices, combined with independent and efficient control software to control the overall printing process to ensure the stability of printing.

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