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Case Studies

Protofab 3D Printed Vending Machine Prototype

Product Name:Vending Machine Prototype
Printing material: photosensitive resin
Process: SLA rapid prototyping + final-processing
Service Provider: ProtoFab 3D Printing
Printer type: ProtoFab SLA600 DLC
Minimum precision:0.01mm v Production cycle: 3 days
User Needs: Fine post-processing, screen printing handwriting to be clear, the product must be delicate and beautiful
Purpose: As an exhibit

Project background

The birth of new retail has given birth to many outlets, such as vending machines and unmanned supermarkets, etc. With its inherent advantages of "small size and high efficiency", vending machines have become phenomenal outlets. Smart vending machines are now distributed in many public places and factories, selling different types of goods and services. This vending machine conforms to and integrates the trend of intelligence in its design, and uses minimalist style and extreme details to make the product have a better user experience and make life better.

Presentation of finished product


Concluding remarks The customized features of 3D printing technology are very suitable for various design works including graduation design. It can make designers' wild designs become reality. Especially in terms of time cost and the degree of reduction of design requirements, it has a very big advantage. Vistar SLA series 3D printers have provided many cases for many industry practices, and can restore the creative design elements very accurately in a very short time, and the production cost is much lower than the cost of traditional manual models. Vistar 3D printing technology Leading, rich production experience, complete supporting technology, just a few days to complete a beautiful model.