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Shortcomings of traditional production methods:Taking the construction industry as an example, the traditional sand table production needs to make a graphic design sketch firstly, the production comp...


In recent years, with the maturity and popularity of SLA 3D printing technology, more and more industries and customers are adopting this technology, from prototypes to shoe models, from dental models...


In order to meet the needs of the aerospace, automotive and other industrial fields for the integration of super large 3D printing format, Vistar launched the light-curing three-dimensional printing system SLA2400 “Big Mac”. At present, this is the world'


2020, when the new coronavirus turned from a national disaster to a global disaster, masks and other protective equipment have become necessary for epidemic, Vistar (Xiamen) Industries Co., Ltd. began...


Since its inception, ProtoFab has always been customer-centric and committed to providing customers with high-quality product and service experience. With the development of Westin ProtoFab's internat...


Current Situation of 3D Printing Material IndustryIn SLA resin industry, most of them are white products. However, due to the high requirements for transparency and colorlessness, the problems such as...