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SLM 3D Printer

  • High Speed, High Precision, Top Quality High Speed, High Precision, Top Quality

    SLM150 uses high energy density and fine spot diameter laser to produce complicated parts within a very short period of time, which usually will take a few weeks or even months by conventional methods. The printed parts are not only precise in size, high in strength and density, but also have excellent mechanical properties etc. It is mainly used for rapid production of high-precision, high-quality, small size metal parts.
  • Best Quality/Price Balance Best Quality/Price Balance

    It has modern and compact appearance, smooth and simple lines, equipped with world's top brand components, with a molding space of 150 x 180 mm. It ensures high quality printing at an extremely competitive cost to support 3D printing industrialization.
  • Wise Choice of Materials Wise Choice of Materials

    It prints a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, cobalt-chromium alloy, titanium alloy tec.


  • Specification

    Machine Size (W*D*H)

    1100x1100x1890 mm

    Build Size(W*D*H)


    Machine Weight


    Layer Thickness (Typical)



    Scanlab galvo scanning system

    Scanning Speed

    10 m/s

    Laser Type

    500W Yb-fibre laser

    Spot diameter


    Powder Delivery

    High performance heat resistant silicon rubber blade

    Inert gas supply

    Argon or Nitrogen


    Safety execution standard GB/T 15605-2008 dust explosive & pressure relief guide

    Operating System

    64 bit Windows 7

    System Control Software

    ProtoFab DV 6.0

    Data File Format



    Stainless steel, Cobalt Chrome, Bronze,Titanium, Aluminum, etc 

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