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Case Studies

3D printing helps animation and game industry quickly landing

With the rapid development of large cultural industries such as animation and game industry,many classic characters have been made into prototype and turned into collectibles. In recent years, with the popularization of 3D printing technology, the production of models has changed from traditional manual production to intelligent production. The advantages of 3D printing is fast and low cost. After 3D modeling, animation characters and game characters were printed by high-speed intelligent SLA3D printer independently developed by Protofab, and a high-quality prototype model with extremely high precision can be obtained in just a few hours, which is suitable for small batches production and customization.

A brief introduction to the process of 3D printing model
3d printing process

3D modeling

3d printing of cartoon character models

The modeler designs the model on the computer, and then connects to the 3D printer. The 3D printer reads the model data and prints it out.

3D printing

Start printing! Protofab industrial-grade high-speed intelligent SLA printer has a large printing size, which can realize integrated printing of large-size prototypes, the printing size up to 2.4 meters, effectively avoiding product errors caused by splicing, using the world's first DLC (dynamic laser power control) solution with three galvanometer,three lasers and three variable spots,it has the characteristics of fast printing speed, high printing accuracy and surface finish, and high printing success rate. The self-developed SLA photosensitive resin printing material has excellent performance, high precision, easy coloring, and has ABS-like characteristics of accuracy and high toughness. The modeling reduction and fidelity are super high.

3d printed character moel


After 3D printing the white model, the next step is polishing and coloring. After painting and drying, a 3D printed animation figure is complete.

3d printing of anime characters

Appreciation of works

caser of 3d printing animation characters