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Case Studies

Vistar(ProtoFab) 3D printed creative furniture model

In the past two years, 3D printing technology has been widely used in architecture, medical, footwear, dentistry, aerospace and many other industries.

Nowadays, it is also gradually used in furniture design. At present, a lot of furniture on the market is to use molding, mass production, and the same molding-made furniture cannot meet the personalized aesthetic needs of contemporary youth. At the same time, the concept of digital furniture with 3D printing technology was born and has been gradually applied to furniture design in recent years. In today's pursuit of customized and personalized products, the development of 3D printed furniture is bound to have broad prospects, which can realize the rapid and personalized manufacturing of all kinds of creative furniture! The following is the furniture model proofing service provided by Vistar, using 3D printing technology for customers, and let's enjoy the production process.

3d printing creative furniture

3D printing production process

The design process of 3D printing is: first, the 3D design model is modeled by computer modeling software, and then the 3D model is "partitioned" into a layer by layer section, that is, slice, so as to guide the printer to print layer by layer. Finally, the object is printed.

3D printing production process

Model name: Furniture model
Material: photosensitive resin
Production process: SLA laser curing process + water transfer imitation wood grain texture effect
Printer: SLA600
Manufacturer: Vistar(Protofab) 3D Printing
User needs: solid and stable structure, clear surface wood grain pattern, good visual effect

Application scenarios: product proofing, sample display, exhibition collection

In the field of craft manufacturing, before the 3D printing technology, furniture designers need to make product prototypes according to the sketches to check whether their ideas are consistent, and then repeatedly modify the structure before finally getting it into the market.

Therefore, due to the limitations of manufacturing technology, complex structure, production environment and many other factors, many creative works of designers are stranded on the drawings, unable to be put into practice.

However, 3D printing just can make up for the deficiency. Comparing with the traditional mode of production, 3D printing makes the manufacturing process pretty fast and cheaper without mould production. It can almost completely achieve the modeling design of artistic products pursued by designers, so that the design can be visualized and the seamless connection between furniture design and manufacturing can be realized.

In particular, 3D printing has obvious advantages in the production of such complex structural modeling. The whole set of tables and chairs can be directly integrated through 3D printing.


This modern and simple style table and chair is printed with high-precision photosensitive resin independently developed by Vistar, which shows style and taste in a low-key way.The unusual design of tables and chairs are very different from the conventional smooth style we see in squares, supermarkets, office buildings or hotel lobbies, showing personality and creativity.

The whole set of model is integrated by Vistar 3D printing within few hours, and you can get a high precision furniture model like this.

The product structure is firm. The curve is beautiful. The surface color effect is imitation wood grain effect through the water transfer printing process.

The wood grain pattern is clear and lifelike and the three-dimensional sense is strong. The imitation wood grain makes people feel like returning to nature.

The finished product appreciation


Advantages of 3D printing in furniture design

Speed up research and development

The application of 3D printing technology can shorten the product development cycle, so that the product style is no longer limited by time and production technology.Through the 3D model file, you can make and modify the product modeling at will.

A large number of complex shapes, curved surface modeling and other difficult designs for opening mold can be achieved through 3D printing, greatly improving the speed of design into the real object.

Personalized customization

With the advantages of rapid prototyping, 3D printing can make customization easier, which achieves small batch production of products and better fit the needs of personalized customization. A large number of differentiated products can make up for the serious drawbacks of product homogeneity in the furniture market.

Environmental friendly and material saving

Additive manufacturing technology of 3D printing technology is different from traditional furniture reduction manufacturing. Additive manufacturing is to gradually add materials through advanced molding process, so no waste is generated, and materials can be recycled, which is conducive to environmental protection.


Time is essential for furniture designers. Furniture designers often use 3D printers to print furniture samples directly.It can be printed out as long as there are three-dimensional design drawings.

In the design proofing step,it can print all kinds of furniture components, like chair back and table corner at a high speed in a short time.

By using 3D printing technology to replace furniture proofing, it not only shortens the time, reduces the cost, solves the problem of shortage of professional proofing masters, but also can be widely used in sales display and other occasions.From the traditional design and processing mode to the 3D printing innovation and customization, the great potential of 3D printing technology plays a great advantage in the customization of furniture, which can effectively save the time and cost of product development and win the opportunity for enterprises to seize the market.

You are welcomed to call and know about us, if you have the needs for 3D printing equipments or 3D printing services.