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ProtoFab History

ProtoFab’s origins go back to 1996, when former chemistry teacher Jack Wu started offering rapid prototyping services for the nascent industrial design market in China.

The company he founded, Duch Group, is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of custom prototypes and on-demand production services. With three manufacturing facilities across China, Duch Group is able to offer design assistance, rapid prototyping, low-volume manufacturing, and mass production to clients all over the globe.

Duch Group launched the ProtoFab project in 2014, offering industrial-grade stereolithography 3D printers and materials fine-tuned for cost efficiency and offered as part of an unrivaled production services package.

3d printer & service company



Jack Wu started DUCH GROUP by offering prototyping services to local market.


DUCH GROUP Started offering plastic injection services for mass production.


The 2nd manufacturing center was established in Suzhou, China.


The 3rd manufacturing center was established in Beijing, China.


DUCH GROUP Started to offer full services to overseas market.


ProtoFab industrial-grade 3D printing center was built.


First ProtoFab 3D Printer was sold to Singapore.


Distributors were added in South Korea, Russia, Canada and Norway, with many other territories to follow.