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SLM 3D Printer

  • High Speed, High Performance, High Efficiency High Speed, High Performance, High Efficiency

    PF-M280 with a molding size of 250 x 250 x 300 mm can print metal parts directly from 3D files in a rapid, flexible, economic and efficient way. Top quality laser ensures the high efficiency and high performance of our metal 3D printer. Our independently R&D printing control software ensures stable performance of the printer. Tested and verified by a wide range of materials and procedures on the market, it is well proved to meet the needs of all customers.
  • Compact and Flexible Compact and Flexible

    Using the world's top brand components, our SLM 280 is stylish and simple with a molding space of 250mmX 250 mm X 300 mm. Larger printing space enables better flexibility in size, quantity, and geometry of the parts.
  • Easy to Operate Easy to Operate

    Simple interface, easy operation, and convenient one-click printing brings super simple operating experience for its users.
  • Wise Choice of Materials Wise Choice of Materials

    It prints a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, titanium-based alloy, ferro-based alloy, aluminum-based alloy, nickel-based alloy, cobalt-based alloy, copper-based alloy, etc.


  • Specification

    Machine Size (W*D*H)

    1900 x 1400 x 2310 mm (74.80 x 55.12 x 90.94 in)

    Molding Cylinder Size

    280 x 280 x 350 mm(11.02 x 11.02 x 13.78 in)

    Build Size(W*D*H)

    250 x 250 x 300 mm(9.84 x 9.84 x 11.81 in)

    Printing Method

    Selective Laser Melting

    Layer Thickness (Typical)

    20-40 μm

    Galvanometer Scanning System

    Scanlab galvo scanning system

    Scanning Speed

    10 m/s

    Laser Type

    IPG Continuous Laser ( 200W, 500W Optional)

    Spot diameter

    0.1 mm

    Powder Delivery

    High performance heat resistant silicon rubber blade

    Inert gas supply

    Argon or Nitrogen


    Safety execution standard GB/T 15605-2008 dust explosive & pressure relief guide

    Operating System

    64 bit Windows 7

    System Control Software

    ProtoFab DV 6.0

    Data File Format



    Stainless steel, Cobalt Chrome, Bronze,Titanium, Aluminum, etc 

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