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Case Studies

Vistar (ProtoFab) 3D Printing Huge Dragons-3 Meters

The dragon is a symbol of auspicious and majestic . It is said that the dragon could control clouds and rain, eliminate disasters and blessing, symbolizing auspicious things. Therefore, it is a custom of praying for peace and harvest in the way of dragon dancing for the Han nationality. For 3D printing, how to print dragon scales and dragon claws perfectly which is the most important issue to consider. We could print Chinese dragon during three days from modeling, 3D printing, post-processing, painting finish. It is much more convenient than the traditional manufacturing ways, which reflects the speed and convenience of 3D printing. Today we would like to introduce the 3d printing model is two Chinese dragons, up to 3 meters length.

Part Name:3D Printing Chinese Totem-Dragon
Dimension:3m (Customizable)
Material:White Photosensitive Resin Material
Post-processing: SLA light curing Processing
Manufacturer:Vistar (ProtoFab)
Delivery:3 working days
Finish Process:Polishing Smooth, Painting

Manufacturing Process

1. Producing the dragon's 3D model by the 3D modeling software, and then exporting the stl file.

2. Importing the file into Magics software for slicing.

3. Importing the processed 3D file into SLA2000, and then to be the curing process.

4, Polishing smooth and coloring is quite important steps, coloring could make the dragon look more realistic and perfect, there is high requirements for the coloring of the entire dragon body, high requirements. However, our post-processing team owns a super and professional level, so there is no need to worry about. Compared to the original white model, the colored dragon is more vivid than the original model.

In this way, two vivid Chinese dragons were born. In this developed technology era, artwork is necessary for people's lives. Whether you prefer DIY or copying, everyone chooses more convenient way to complete. In this situation, increasing people prefer 3D scanning, 3D printing. 3D printing could copy or print the various objects which you design, and save the time, labor and cost during the production process. Vistar (ProtoFab) has launched efficient and intelligent 3D printers to satisfy the market demand. It has large forming size, high accuracy, fast speed and simple operation. Besides, the model is easy to store for a long time.