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Case Studies

Three-dimensional scanning and reverse modeling of Buddha statues carved

Project Background:

With the development of science and technology, the use of traditional surveying and mapping technology has been unable to meet the demand for its data collection. Compared with the traditional single-point measurement method, the three-dimensional laser scanning technology has a major breakthrough. Its advantages are embodied in High efficiency and high accuracy, the three-dimensional data of the surface of the object can be scanned through it, and high-precision and high-resolution digital models can be established.Let's share a case of how our 3D modeling engineers perform reverse modeling of Buddha statues on the Wushan wall in Fuzhou for customers. The collected data can be used:

•Three-dimensional digital archive
•High simulation and high precision model establishment
•Provide high-precision basic raw data for repair and restoration
•Accurate drawing of the horizontal, vertical and cross-sectional views of Buddha statues
•VR display, virtual design of scenic spots, 3D printing restoration provide accurate data


一、Preparatory work

Preparatory work is the basic guarantee for multiple steps of later data collection, processing, modeling and mapping. Whether the preparation work is perfect or not directly affects whether the entire scanning work can proceed smoothly. Before the scan, the staff of Weinstein carried out various preparations such as site survey, scanning point and target point arrangement, etc.

paste the reverse scan point
Scanned picture Multi-directional data scanning after determining the scanning point

二、Scan the Buddha image to quickly obtain accurate three-dimensional data

Vistar uses the Canadian Creaform handheld 3D laser scanner to collect the 3D data of the Wushan wall carved Buddha statue. The device can scan from 0.1m to 4m. It can scan a large area, high accuracy, fast scanning speed, and it is light, compact and portable. The process and analysis are very intuitive and accurate.For scanned objects that are similar to the Wushan Buddhism sculptures that avoid close contact and cause secondary damage, it will undoubtedly reduce the difficulty of scanning to a large extent, making scanning easy and simple, and data accurate. Manually operate the laser probe to move, efficiently and accurately obtain the appearance 3D data of the original model of the Buddha statue

wall carving reverse scanning
Scanned picture On-site 3D scanning to obtain high-precision point cloud data

三、Data processing

As the data collection adopts the sub-station operation method, the obtained data is scattered and sorted. To obtain comprehensive and complete data, data processing such as splicing, merging, and noise reduction must be performed to obtain a complete and clear data in the end. (Picture:Comparison chart before and after data restoration Comparison of unrepaired data (left) and repaired data (right)

三、Export data

Export the data required by the customer, obj, stl or other options. The exported data can be used for 3D model printing, VR visual presentation, digital museum establishment, and daily restoration work.

reverse modeling of wall carving
▲Reverse modeling

wall carving of finished
▲Final rendering


The use of a 3D scanner can efficiently and accurately obtain the appearance 3D data of the original model of the Buddha statue, which not only reduces the workload of the Buddha statue designer, but also provides the 3D data that fits the concept of the finished product of the Buddha statue to the greatest extent. Provide accurate three-dimensional models of finished products and improve the overall production efficiency of Buddha sculpture.

After years of accumulation of technical experience in the field of 3D digitization, Vistar has mastered advanced 3D laser scanning technology, and can provide you with industrial design assistance (3D copying, 3D modeling, product design...), research and development, and subsequent model small batches One-stop convenient service for production and mass production. If you need assistance in these areas, please contact us!