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Case Studies

Rapid prototyping Projector Sample Model Case Study


Project name: Projector Model
Material: ABS、Acrylic
Process: CNC Machining
Post treatment: Sanding, Polishing, Painting, Silk Screen
Accuracy: 0.02MM
Sample type: Prototype
Usage: Appearance design and assembly verification

Project background

The product consists of three parts: base, portable camera and magnetic levitation projector. The projector is small and light in shape with compact structure. Don't worry about the problem of occupying space and not easy to place. The whole product has a great sense of technology. By reading and analyzing the photos on the camera through the base, users can select the picture content they want to understand on the base display, so that the projector will play the corresponding popular science videos. When the projector is used alone, it becomes a companion robot, which can chat and talk with children.

Project requirements

1、Materials should be ASB and Acrylic
2、High accuracy requirements and need precision milling
3、Sanding corners must be carefully handled because of the high surface quality requirements
4、Spray painting cannot be too thick
5、Precision silk screen is fine effect

Project pre-stage analysis

The production department will hold a preliminary analysis meeting once receive the drawings from our customers. Our pre-analysts will review the design first, and then evaluate and determine the suitable processing technology.

Process and material selection

We choose CNC machining process after studied the product structure design and functional requirements, which can not only improve the efficiency, but also ensure the product accuracy and further meet the customer's needs. We use ABS as the main shell during the material selection process. ABS material has the advantages of good fluidity, low shrinkage, strong heat resistance and strong impact resistance. The product made of ABS has good surface gloss and certain wear resistance. Acrylic is used as the base. Acrylic has crystal-like transparent texture, smooth surface, beautiful visual effect, full of scientific and technological sense and modern atmosphere, and also has the advantages of excellent chemical stability and easy processing, which is very suitable for the production of base display.

Production process

1.Split the parts to check the overall matching degree: Combine CNC machining process to split the model to ensure that the parts at each level can be machined. With the help of the software, our pre-analysts optimize the assembly of the drawings and verify the feasibility of the drawings.
2.CNC programming and machining: Start machining after finished the pre-analysis and programming. To make sure that all parts can be finely machined, we carry out precision machining through industry-leading CNC equipment to ensure the high precision of products.

cnc machining
cnc machining
3.Rough assembly after finished machining: After finished CNC machining, the parts are rough-assembled and polished to ensure that the products are assembled correctly before painting.
4.Fine post-processing: According to the customer’s requirements, the parts are polished, painted, silk-screened and other post-treatment processes.


5.Assembly: After spraying each part, our professional engineers will assemble each part accurately according to the drawings.
6.Strict quality inspection: Our project manager will inspect each component carefully and then hand it over to the quality inspection department, which will check it again to ensure that the product has no quality problems.

Product display

rapid prototyping projector
rapid prototyping projector

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