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Case Studies

3D Printing Dump Truck Prototype

3d print dump truck prototype
3d print dump truck prototype

Model Name: Dump Truck
Procedures: SLA prototyping + Polishing & Painting
Printing Material: Photosensitive resin
Usage: Appearance design
Service Provider: Vistar(ProtoFab) 3D Printing
Printing Equipment Type: SLA600 DLC
Producting Time: 3 days
Client’s Requirement: Streamliness and fluency in surface, evenly painting, clear color separation, excellent appearance.

Project Background

Graduation design is always a headache for college students who majored in design, especial making tangible models of their design. 3D printing technology simplifies this problem. 3D printing technology has been known and maturely applied in making design models by a growing number of students. We produced numerous tangible models of graduation designs for college students all over the world, for example, below model is what we produced for a transportation design majored student in XXXX college.

Project Analysis

Compared with traditional manual prototype, 3D printing technology can print various complex structure and unique shapes, which helps students to present their works in a better way. After receiving the 3D design drawing from the student, our professional pre-analyst decided to print it through SLA 3D printing technology. 3D printing with advantages of high printing speed, high accuracy, easy postprocessing etc., mostly meets the needs for making graduation design works.

Processing & Challenges

The challenges mainly exist in postprocessing, such as painting and assembling. Postprocessing will significantly affect the final model, so all procedures must be carefully treated.


After known the student’s requirements, Vistar designers amended the STL format design drawing, adjusted it to a format that is suitable for 3D printing, and then sliced it. The model was split into several parts due to its complex structure. In the end, we use Vistar’s independently R&D intelligent high-speed industrial SLA600DLC 3D printer and highly performance photosensitive resins to accomplish the printing service.

SLA600 DLC has high printing speed, high accuracy, and ensures smooth & clean surface of the printed parts

This model is made of various parts, all of which need carefully postprocessing. Polishing, painting, assembling are essential and significant procedures which will affect the appearance of the final model. With decades experience in prototyping, our engineers accomplished the postprocessing efficiently, and guaranteed the final model looks glamorous and fascinating, which greatly surprised the client.

Assembling-test model matching accuracy of the printed parts

Prototyping engineer roughly assemble the model

Painting engineer adjust color according to the client’s required Pantones Code, and after painting the brightly colorful model has no color-shedding or color-fading.

Excellent Model

3d printing dump truck model
3d printing dump truck model

Customizable feature of 3D printing technology makes it very suitable for various design works including graduation design. It realizes designers’ amazing dreams. It especially has great advantages in shorten producing time and vivid reduction of design needs. Any customized 3D printing needs, welcome to contact us, and we will provide you a satisfied 3D printing solution.