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No rent! No deposit! After-sales service! SLA manufacturer Protofab launches a new cooperation model for 3D printing service provider

Create Time: 10/12/2021

In recent years, with the maturity and popularity of SLA 3D printing technology, more and more industries and customers are adopting this technology, from prototypes to shoe models, from dental models to sculptures, and from automobiles to buildings. At the same time, the price of SLA 3D printing services is becoming more and more affordable. SLA's 3D service providers have gradually shifted from manufacturing a two-piece prototype to a small batch production model of hundreds or thousands of pieces. The competition among 3D printer manufacturers has also expanded from technology and price to business models.

Well-known SLA 3D printer manufacturer Protofab Industries announced the launch of a new free leasing cooperation model to further reduce the threshold and financial pressure for 3D printing service providers.

Protofab said: "To help companies create profitability, and help industry users to achieve technological structure transformation and service upgrades. Protofab Industry launched a free 3D printer leasing service that does not require deposits, rents, and after-sales service fees, and customers only need to pay for materials. ."

This is a blockbuster in the field of SLA 3D printing. In other words, as long as you can find customer needs, Protofab can provide you with the hardware facilities. For 3D printing service providers, this is indeed good news.

It is understood that previous businesses in the field of 3D printing services are all asset-intensive projects.You need to purchase equipment,purchase materials,recruit teams,lease venues,and find customers.Even if the equipment can be paid in installments,there is still a lot of pressure to repay.At the same time,in the face of market competition,many 3D printing service providers have begun to fall into a deadlock:if they do not increase equipment and scale,they will lose their competitiveness,and if they increase equipment,they will continue to invest more heavy assets,and repayment pressure will be further increased.

Protofab’s new free leasing model can be said to have broken this deadlock to a certain extent, because 3D service providers no longer need to invest in heavy assets, but only need to concentrate on doing business well, and the heavy assets of equipment are borne by manufacturers. It's like taking away a mountain that weighs on the 3D printing service provider, and letting the service provider feel relieved.

Without financial pressure, 3D printing service providers can pack lightly, focus on doing a good job in the market, do a good job in printing services, and do a good job in quality details.

The person in charge of Protofab said: " Protofab’s equipment can be used on the Linux operating system,and it uses DLC (variable laser power printing technology) to make the printing speed faster than similar equipment on the market.Speed is competitive,and speed is the rule of survival."


At the same time, Protofab's free leasing model also provides customers with eight value-added services to help customers further enhance their competitiveness:

1. After-sales service is all-inclusive by Protofab
2. Lower the operator's threshold
All kinds of material library Export three printing modes: standard, speed priority, quality priority Junior high school graduates can learn to operate in two to four hours
3. Free to provide customers with printing product splicing technology, polishing technology and post-processing technology, such as painting, water plating, etc.
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