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Historic Breakthrough! ProtoFab Welcomes the Milestone of 100 SLA3D Printers In One Day!!!

Create Time: 01/27/2022

On December 27th, at the end of the year 2021, ProtoFab have made a new breakthrough. 100 sets ProtoFab SLA 3D printing equipment were successfully shipped to the customer's large production line, which was an important milestone in the company's rapid development. The daily shipment exceeded 100! Refresh the highest daily delivery record again!


The big trucks in the plant area came one after another. Even in the evening, there was still a continuous flow. Loading and delivery were busy, and the organization of loading and delivery site was busy and orderly.

Behind the amazing data is ProtoFab's long-term unremitting efforts in scientific and technological innovation. ProtoFab 3D printing equipment has gradually realized industrialization and Marketization from scratch. Now daily 100 SLA equipment have been shipped smoothly, which not only means that ProtoFab's determination to forge ahead, overcome difficulties and independent innovation over the years have been highly recognized by customers and the market, but also shows the strength of Chinese brand of ProtoFab's high-end equipment manufacturing, and indicates more market opportunities and larger shipments in the futur,.

Nowadays, with the leading market performance, we can see that ProtoFab has been far ahead in the 3D printing track and has become an absolute benchmark in the industry and market. In the future, ProtoFab will, as always, adhere to the guidance of innovation, improve product quality, expand product applications, improve service quality, provide customers with more advanced equipment and more comprehensive 3D printing solutions, so as to enable users to invest less, improve enterprise competitiveness and maximize customer value.

Improve customer capacity with technology and promote 3D printing industry development

ProtoFab launched a new cooperation mode of 3D printer rent free, deposit free, after-sales package and customers only pay material fees. The equipment is in hot rush to buy and rent The number of partners is limited. Welcome to consult first!

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