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Xiamen Duch Group Co., Ltd. Carries out Comprehensive and Orderly Resumption of Production

Create Time: 02/28/2020

After careful return to work deployment, formulation and implementation of all-round epidemic prevention plan, Xiamen Duch Group Co., responded to the government's decision of strictly preventing and controlling the orderly resumption of work. Under the reasonable arrangement of Chairman Wu Guobao, all branches of our company have resumed work in a safe and orderly manner.

After the emergence of Novel coronavirus pneumonia, according to the requirements of governments at all levels, the chairman of Xiamen Duch Group Co., Ltd. then organized a leading group for the prevention of coronal pneumonia of the group, and made in-depth discussions and arrangements for the effective protection of the health and life safety of employees to effectively curb the spread of the disease. We comprehensively investigate the festival activities of employees, and practically implement the online monitoring and service for the health of employees after returning from work. For non local employees, we try our best to arrange employees to return to Xiamen by staggering the peak and flexibly arrange employees to return to work in batches.

In order to help our motherland fight against the "Novel coronavirus pneumonia", our company formed an emergency mask production team and built a new mask production line in less than half a month to provide better material support for epidemic prevention and control.

The equipment and machines in the production workshop are running at high speed, and the workers wear masks to carry out production orderly in their respective posts.

In the production workshop, the production work is carried out in an orderly manner. The orderly work scene of epidemic prevention and production is the reflection of orderly resumption of work of Xiamen Duch Group Co., Ltd.

Our company will adhere to the two hands of "strictly prevent the epidemic" and "resumption of work and production", continue to grasp the epidemic prevention and control, do not delay the resumption of work and production, promote the safe and orderly development of the enterprise without delay, and spare no effort to win the epidemic prevention and control war.

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