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How to Using 3D Printing to Promote Super Big Effect ?

Create Time: 02/25/2019

《WANDERING EARTH》has won excellent response since it was run.Althgou it has many defects, the scene in the movie is very realistic.Do you know how to achieve the real scene?
The answer is--using 3D printing to manufacture prop and scene.
We found some parts in film which made from 3D printing
3D printing earphone
The earphone
3d printing arm
The mechanical arm

With the development of 3D printing technology,more and more film crew chooses 3D printing to manufacture prop in order to save money and time.

Vistar has catched this chance, develop high quality 3D printing machie.Now, Vistar's sla machine has the characteristics of large printing width, high printing precision and production efficiency.What’s more,it has high automatic function,will help customer save production time.
sla 3d printing machine
Vistar 3D printing machine can realize the detail processing of 0.05mm-0.2mm, which not only can make the surface of the printed object smooth and delicate, but also can realize the complex modeling requirements, and contribute to the post-processing effect of the movie props after printing. The color of the movie props is richer and more lustrous, which greatly enhances the final real effect of the product.
the finished 3d product
the finished 3d product

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