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Directly hit the Vistar ProtoFab hot show Exhibition! The first day of the new product

Create Time: 02/22/2019

six new products are unveiled

In this exhibition, Vistar displayed six 3D printers carrying the core technology of the company, namely: the world's oversized size-size light-curing (SLA) 3D printer SLA1600, the world's first DLC variable laser power printing technology SLA600 DLC, personality Customized model SLA600 E, dental special 3D printer SLA600 D and metal machine SLM150 and desktop DLP. The rich product category and the eye-catching appearance of the fuselage have attracted many clients to stop, the people who consulted are in a constant stream, and the scene is popular.

Four of the world's first pioneering innovations attract attention

Vistar ProtoFab showcases four of the world's first disruptive innovations: the world's first Linux control software, dynamic laser power printing technology, a database of photosensitive resin materials and three smart printing modes, and intelligent remote control capabilities to demonstrate the entire molding process on site The level of automation and intelligence, technological innovations enable Wisconsin 3D printers to refresh the record of existing similar technologies in terms of efficiency, productivity and quality. They are deeply concerned by the industry and the media. The company's personnel are warmly entertained and carefully explained by merchants. Praise, many merchants directly reached the initial cooperation intention, the follow-up will be discussed one by one to discuss cooperation, the opening day of the first day can be described as popular.

Self-developed 3D printed materials have excellent performance

At the exhibition, Vistar demonstrated innovations and breakthroughs in the field of 3D printed materials. In terms of safety, economy and practicality, the performance of SLA resin developed by Vistar is generally superior to that of the existing similar products on the market. Extensive strength, flexural strength, thermal deformation, etc. all have excellent physical properties, high practicability and stability. Up to 30+ high-performance materials with different characteristics fully meet the needs of customers, and they have attracted the industry once they are exhibited. People come to consult and communicate.

Exquisite exhibits

The open booth layout and a wide variety of exhibits are very eye-catching. The booth is full of the development and manufacturing achievements of the Vistar ProtoFab. The case shows the 3D printing technology and the fusion of many fields, and shows a strong After-treatment process, on-site consultation, and innovative products have also been well received.

Chairman personally explained the layout of the 3D printing industry chain

Mr. Wu, Chairman of Duch Group, introduced the core technology of Vistar 3D printer to the media, and analyzed the 3D printing industry from the vertical and horizontal dimensions around the 3D printing industry chain and the application of technology applications. He said : Vistar will be committed to using advanced technology reserves to create a complete 3D printing industry chain based on materials, basic components, equipment, supporting systems, services and industry applications. In this process, we will carry out more in-depth research and development on materials, equipment and systems for horizontal market segments, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing.

The photo of Mr Wu and Italian agent
With the new look and powerful strength, ProtoFab has made great achievements in the industry. Through the TCT platform, the company has demonstrated the company's strong R&D strength, advanced manufacturing capabilities and unlimited development potential. TCT Exhibition is just the beginning. In 2019, Vistar will go all out, study hard, innovate constantly, be better, more refined, finer and smarter, and strive to build a technology-leading, first-class industrial 4.0 solution provider, towards the world. A goal of a scale is struggling!
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