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ProtoFab 600 DLC Metalloobrabotka at the International Machine Tool Show in Russia

Create Time: 06/01/2019

On May 27-31, 2019, the ProtoFab Russian agent brought the ProtoFab Popularest product SLA600 DLC to the 2019 Russian International Machine Tool Show Metalloobrabotka. Metalloobrabotka is a large-scale and influential machine tool exhibition in Russia. It is held annually by the Russian Machine Tool Association and Expocentre Exhibition Center. It displays new equipment, engineering technology, development and service in various fields of machinery manufacturing. It reflects the status quo and prospects of the machine tool manufacturing industry, determines the creation of advanced technology and the design trend of metal processing equipment, and is one of the top ten industrial exhibitions in Europe.

ProtoFab's Russian agents presented ProtoFab's cutting-edge technologies and solutions in 3D printing in a comprehensive and multi-faceted manner, presenting ProtoFab 3D printing solutions for use in a wide range of applications. Mr. Wu Guobao, Chairman of Duch Group, also went to the Russian exhibition site to assist Russian agents.

Exhibition site views:

The simple and generous booth design, together with various brochures, the stylish ProtoFab SLA600 DLC attracts many customers to visit 、communicate and negotiate.

The printed parts showcased the different performance of 3D printing materials independently developed by ProtoFab to customers around the world.

Mr.Wu explained the advantages of ProtoFab SLA3D printing equipment to customers, starting from 3D printing hardware equipment, 3D printing control software, 3D printing materials, 3D printing services, etc., and in the meantime, he also introduced the advantages of ProtoFab world's first DLC dynamic laser power printing technology .

During the exhibition, the booths were full of visitors and the transactions were active. The Russian agent team demonstrated excellent customer service capabilities, and enthusiastically treated every customer who came to inquire, providing professional explanation and caring service all the time.

Mr.Wu and the excellent team of Russian agents took a group photo

Exhibited equipment

Product Highlights

Larger forming size

600mm x 600mm x 400mm max print dimensions for greater productivity and flexibility. The spot quality is greatly improved, the ellipticity is 97%, and the precision is higher, and various precision parts with complicated structures can be produced.

Sirius operating software, high performance and more stable

The world's first LINUX control system, compatible with Linux / Windows 7 system, to meet the needs of customers with multiple systems, safe, stable, not afraid of Trojan viruses, easy access to different Internet scenarios.

The world's first DLC dynamic laser power printing technology

The file loading speed is 10-80 times faster than similar software. The model printing speed is 2-7 times that of similar software, and the printing time estimation accuracy is 0.5%-4.5%, which is higher printing efficiency.

Full-scale material data base and intelligent export operation mode

Three intelligent printing modes are optional (Precision/standard/fast), the intelligent configuration of process parameters does not need to be set manually, and the one-button "fool" operation is simple and easy to use, and the human-computer interaction experience is greatly improved.

Intelligent Remote

Automatic door opening / automatic feeding / remote detection / remote printing / remote management / remote visual / remote control / optical circuit device life warning / WeChat remote viewing progress .... Highly intelligent, work and life freely, fully in line with the concept of decentralization and deorganization in the era of Industry 4.0
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