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ProtoFab Will Meet You at the Formnext 2019 Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany

Create Time: 11/01/2019

Formnext 2019

Exhibition introduction

As Europe's leading professional exhibition in molding making and processing, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, Formnext is proud to present a new generation of intelligent manufacturing solutions, which will be grandly debuted from 19th to 22nd November in Frankfurt exhibition center, Germany. Through the exhibition,this industry can establish contacts with professional buyers of various field manufacturing from all over the world, expand business opportunities.

Exhibition information

Exhibition Name: Formnext, Precision Forming and 3D Printing Manufacturing Exhibition, Frankfurt, Germany
Exhibition time: 19th-22nd, November, 2019
Exhibition Venue: Frankfurt Exhibition Center
Scale: The world's largest 3D printing exhibition, over 750 exhibitors, estimated 30,000 professional visitors
ProtoFab Booth No.: 11.1-E19

Formnext 2019

As the industry leader in domestic technology and philosophy, Vistar ProtoFab is focused on the innovation and breakthrough of additive manufacturing technology. Every time the exhibition is unveiled, Vistar is always refreshing. This time, we will bring the latest products and technologies of brand patents to the Formnext exhibition in Germany, and compete with the world's major brands.

At this exhibition, Vistar will provide the leading 3D printing application solutions, innovative products and services to customers around the world, comprehensively interpret the industrialization of 3D printing, and showcase China's intellectual creation to the world! The strongest display lineup, please pay attention! Vistar invites you to come!

Exhibition area renderings

Formnext 2019
Formnext 2019
Formnext 2019

Our location map

Formnext 2019

ProtoFab is your trusted partner! 2019 Formnext exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, we look forward to your arrival, and hope to work with you to win the future! For more exciting content, please visit the ProtoFab booth 11.1-E19.
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