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Vistar ProtoFab invites you to meet MECSPE, Parma Industrial Exhibition in Italy in 2019

Create Time: 03/28/2019

The details of the exhibition position

Exhibition Hall Number: The sixth hall
Exhibition position number: 106  Time: March 28-30
Location:Parma Exhibition Center in Italy

The exhibition consists of 12 theme halls, providing visitors with a complete introduction of materials, machines and innovative technologies, as well as innovative projects such as transcending automated digital factories. It represents the direction of Italian industry 4.0 and is the vane of manufacturing exhibitions. This exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for exhibitors and spectators to understand the materials, equipment and sound processing process, and to achieve an excellent product from the beginning to the completion process.

Exhibition equipment ProtoFab SLA1600

This model adopts the world's first DLC variable laser power printing technology, which can ensure excellent printing quality and printing speed, and reduce the price of consumables by 50%. The equipment is robust and reliable with large print format, which meets the urgent needs of rapid prototyping fields such as hand plate model making and automobile modeling design. It also has fast printing speed and stable performance. It also provides a variety of high-performance materials (dozens of special resins) to meet the different requirements of product performance. ProtoFab 3-D printer has outstanding performance in forming size, printing accuracy, printing speed, stability and ease of operation.

ProtoFab SLA1600

The exhibition will officially open on March 28.
At that time, we are Italian agents.
The 3D printing technology suitable for different fields of production will be explained in detail for your specialty.
And we find the best solution for your enterprise.
They will explain to you how to take advantage of the strengths offered by add-on manufacturing.
To shorten the time to market and reduce production costs.
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